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Homework Help: Bending stress of endplate

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    I am designing the appropriate size of an upper endplate for a spinal disc and was wondering what would be the best way to calculate bending stress in this design. The image is shown in the link above. It is a ball and socket arrangement - would it be suitable to simplify this to a single knife edge when considering the stresses in the upper endplate?
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    Your FBD is an unstable structure. Is the plate bolted to the disc?
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    The two upper and lower endplates with ball and socket arrangment form the 'disc'. I need to do some calculations to gain an idea for an appropriate thickness of endplate. Im beginning to think beam bending is not appropriate in this case then as the top endplate is not fixed (e.g it cant be modelled as a cantilever beam). The endplate is able to provide side lateral bending, extension/flexion and lateral rotation about the central axis of the ball.

    Does it seem this is not a beam bending case? More of a direct 'compressive' stress case Stress = Load/Area ?
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