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Benefits of induced current

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    I think we could take advantage of the induced current, created inside a loop when it passes through a magnetic field. So placing the coil on an electric car and connecting it with the battery, the car will receive a small electrical charge will pass through a magnetic field (to be created on every road traveled to a high enough speed since the induced current in a coil is proportional to speed at which it crosses the magnetic field).
    Infact when a loop enters in a magnetic field the induced current that crosses the loop is given by this physical law: i= B×S where:
    B: is the intensity of magnetic field
    S: is the loop's surface that enters in the magnetic field.

    This is only a very brief sommary of electromagnetism, but do you like the idea?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    There is no free energy. It takes power from the car battery to push the car through the magnetic field (there is an opposing force) to make the current to charge the battery. With efficiency losses, overall the battery still loses its charge at about the same rate as if there was no attempt at energy recovery.

    The only place something like this helps in efficiency is in regenerative braking, since you want to recover the KE back to battery energy (because the KE is no longer needed when you are braking).

    Discussions about Free Energy like this are not permitted on the PF (please re-check the rules link at the top of the page). This thread is closed.
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