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Beng and bsc in engineering?

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    Some schools iv read in their engineering programs offer a Bsc? But some offer beng, that doesnt make sense, why would 2 schools with the same program offer 2 seperate degrees for the same thing? Bsc and Beng? Whats the difference between the 2? And does it matter?

    For instance here in canada U of T(university of toronto) has an engineering program with all the different streams, mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer etc etc

    but then they also have a seperate faculty which they call engineering science, and have programs like nano engineering and biomedical and aerospace engineering(But they offer Bsc and its a supposedly more competetive program)
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    In the UK, a BSc engineering degree is generally a softer and unaccredited version of a BEng/MEng degree. Maybe things might be similar in Canada?
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    I'm not sure if it's the same way in undergrad, but in grad, the difference between a masters of engineering and a masters of science in engineering is where you want to go to work. If you want to do research, the master of science is what you want. If you want to do industry, the master of engineering is what you want. Seems pretty weird to offer the choice in undergrad though.
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    In my experience, it does not matter what degree you are conferred, as long as the program is accreddited:

    http://www.engineerscanada.ca/e/pr_programs1.cfm [Broken]

    You will receive an equivalent engineering degree. Schools in Canada typically hand out the Bsc, B.Eng or BASc. It really truly does not matter. As far as I know, all degrees handed out at U of T are BASc - Engineering (or the discipline). Waterloo is the same way, but the Software Engineering Students (an accredited engineering program, receive the BSE degree).

    Regardless of if your degree shows

    BASc - Electrical Engineering
    B.Eng - Electrical Engineering
    BSc - Electrical Engineering
    BASc (H) - Engineering Science

    You have an accredited degree if it is from an accredited institution. I would not worry.
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    Thanks a lot, great info :)
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    I am a U of T graduate myself (although not an engineering graduate), and have known a number of people who have graduated from the engineering science program (which is actually a BAsc program, not a Bsc). From what I was told, the engineering science is intended as an interdisciplinary engineering program where all students in the first 2 years study a selection of math, science, design, and other select courses, and then choose to specialize in a concentration of their choosing, which includes nanoengineering, biomedical and aerospace engineering, as well as engineering physics (which at U of T is almost like a combined engineering and physics double major degree).

    I hope this helps.
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