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Homework Help: Benzene Problem

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    Does bromobenzene mean that a bromine is bonded to every carbon in the benzene ring?

    When it saids 1-ethylbenzene where do i put the ethyl since benzene is in a ring?

    Thx in advance
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    no just one one carbon of the benzene, 1-bromobenzene.
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    so is it infered that whenever i see bromobenzene it means 1-bromobenzene? and where would i put the bromine if its 1 only?
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    It doesn't matter which carbon gets the bromine, since the resulting molecule can be rotated arbitrarily. In other words, sticking a bromine on the bottom or a bromine on the top results in the same molecule. If you stuck it on the top, you could rotate the resulting molecule to make it appear on the bottom. The molecule isn't changed by simply being rotated.

    - Warren
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