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Benzene synthesis

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    Given 3 molescules: 1-chloropropane, 1-butyne, and a benzene ring, how do I synthesize 1-butyl-3-propylbenzene?

    my question is, how do I get 1-chloropropane or 1-butyne on the ring without having branching? these 2 must be the starting material. I don't see how F&C alkcylation would work.
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    What carbon-carbon bond forming reactions have you studied?
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    i answered this pretty clearly on chemicalforums. go check my post there.
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    So, Jay... you ask the question over on ChemicalForums and when you don't get immediate gratification you post over here? Seriously? You were getting good help over there but you put absolutely no effort into answering their questions... which were actually guidance to help you. You put in the same effort over here on this forum. I'm sure you note the similarity of the kind of help you were getting from Dan, OrgoPete (on CF) and myself on this forum. There is a reason we do things in this way.

    Burning... Shame on you! Giving complete answers on this forum is not our style much less pointing to other forums where you have done so!

    Jay, I'm a member of CF as well as this forum. I don't answer questions that have been posted over there on our forum and don't answer questions over there that have been posted over here. ...at least when I remember to check both forums.
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