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Benzo-diazpene side effects

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    its a drug. what is it perscribed for. and what are the effects.
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    Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that are GABA-A receptor agonists, thus they increase the inhibitory tone in the brain and bring about their effects of anti-anxiety, anticonvulsion, seizure control, muscle relaxation, etc. It is used for people with seizure disorders, insomnia, anxiety, sometimes for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and as a pre-anesthetic agent. They are commonly known as "tranquilizers"; Valium and Xanax are two trade names.
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    ooo. thanks.
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    you seem to be interested a lot in pharmaceuticals i see. just remember this, almost any drug you put into your body is pretty much a foreign chemical and has side effects.
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    im interested in pharmaceuticals for the moment. what im mostly trying to do with this knowledge; is 2 things.

    first being the perfect narcotic. It has all the "wished" effects. but no side effects. You never get addicted and you never change your brain chemistry... etc

    the second one. Im moreso a nightowl. I would rather sleep during the morning and be up at night. however. its pretty hard to see without light. and those big bulky expensive night vision things arent good. Now what if you could design a set of opsins that you could be placed in a small contact lense. then transfer to the electrical impulses. you could literally see any wavelength that the opsin designates.

    Next i think ill study a sort of catalyst system that could be introduced into wounds to make healing faster, or at least more efficient.
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