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News Berkeley Protesters Built a Human Wall

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    On the heels of 4 major universities offering racially segregated living areas, at the request of some students, some people decided that didn't go far enough. This[/PLAIN] [Broken] week at UC Berkley protesters decided to segregate the campus even more.

    Welcome back Jim Crow, we didn't miss you.
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    Thank you for the link.

    I don't think this behaviour has much to do with progressivism. I would just call it "stupid".
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    I would call it stupid too, but the voices actually advocating for this in the mainstream are all from the left. Every one of the manifestos I read from those 2015 campus protests all called for racially segregated "safe spaces", and at their protests were chanting a quote from the Communist Manifesto ("we have nothing to lose but our chains"), I would say it very much does have a lot to do with progressivism. It's the inevitable consequence of Social Justice, in the humanities courses they are being told everyone around them is a racist, they are told they are victims of some evil conspiracy against their race, so is it really a surprise that eventually many would want to separate themselves from these evil white people?
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    That is a pretty broad brush.
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    Let's be clear this is in a news event forum. We should stick to discussion about the event itself.
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