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Bernoulli water flow

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    For fourty years the Bernoulli terms of H+Z+v^2/2g = K offered me a seemingly perfect tool for hydraulic engineering.

    Suddenly the wheels have fallen off this wagon because v^2 in a STRAIGHT line has a potential equivalence of H............ v^2 in a CIRCULAR path has 2H equivalence ????????????????? A Newtonian Armagedden because here is a 2 to 1 free lunch and Apple on the Head brain damage.

    Couple both RESONANTLY and Perpetual Motion of 2H Energy is driven by
    an H loss of Power.

    Much more at www.thewebspert.com/cresswell/[/URL]
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    Wow! GUT, a disproof of all of thermodynamics, a perpetual motion machine and Darwin, all at one website! You can't get a better deal than that!

    My favorite quote:

    "At a 1920's film premiere, a pop star Einstein enquired of Charles Chaplin, "Why is everyone clapping?" Chaplin replied, "Because they all understand what I do and appreciate it. You, because no bugger understands you. You are a genius." If someone as important as Groucho Marx had said this, we might not still be in the ****."

    Because, of course, Groucho was far more important than Chaplin.
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    I usually get the most vicious hate mail imaginable. I like you but no........ you get 6 perpetual motion devices and the maths for finding many more of your own.

    Birds, bees, grass fish and trees do not queue at petrol stations so it is obvious that the thermo 'laws' are stupid.

    Darwinian lock on at resonance was a colossal bonus. I never dreamed it might be there. But it is and that makes it all true.

    Maybe not all because I had to take a stab at the why of it all.
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    Oh, come on...

    Find me a bird, a bee, a fish, etc. that doesn't eat.

    Find me a blade of grass or a tree that can survive without sunlight.

    If you have found a perpetual motion machine that works, by all means get a company together, get funding and build it.

    Just do me a favor: Let me know the name of the company so I can short sell its stock. That way at least one of us will get rich off the idea.
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    Can you post a comment which contains some scentific logic. Tell me why Diagram 1 is not true for example. Until you get your brain into gear, not your emotions, your one remaining neuron is going to die of lonliness. Is that what humans do ? Eat petrol. Well did I ever
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    An atom emits its own wave photon and another devours it as a collapsed particle coulomb. Schrödinger's dead cat paradox. Duality of volts, amps and magnetic flux within a resonant periodic time.


    The equation is E = ± Mc2 fusion-fission (input-output).

    PLEASE, EXPLAIN...because I'm too young...and I am not too good at this kind of things...[?]
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    I have much more important things to do than argue with crackpots, I assure you. If you have a working PM machine, then build it. Otherwise, give the insults to my intelligence a rest.

    If I'm the one with the single remaining neuron, then prove it. Build your machine and prove it. I'll be willing to wager any amount that it wont work. That's how sure I am. ANY AMOUNT. Until you build a working design, I'll consider you as full of it.

    Did I say that humans eat petrol? No... get a grip. I said that animals EAT. That means food. Last I checked, they do.
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    I really liked this one:

    "Clearly the Second Law of Thermodynamics should never have been written. It was only a forlorn device to cover up the true horror of the First mistake.'
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    enigma, you're forgetting the first rule about arguing with an <ADMIN EDIT>: Don't do it! First they'll drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience!
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    Climbhi gets the final words in the topic.
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