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Beryllium beam

  1. Mar 6, 2005 #1
    Recently I have made some calculations for reaction:
    LiD + gamma –> Be + gamma –> EM-energy
    As result, the interesting engineering idea has appeared. But, maybe, it is only fantasy.

    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/THE_BERYLLIUM_BEAM_e.pdf [Broken]
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    The next problem, which has the direct attitude to the design of beryllium projector, has arisen because of the false theory of the structure of fullerens and nanotubes.
    Our own calculations have shown, that the real structure of fullerens and nanotubes is more complex and graceful, than it is offered by the official paradigm of quantum chemistry.
    The results of our small research are stated here:
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/WHAT_DIAMOND_SPEAKS_ABOUT_e.pdf [Broken]
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    In our last work concerning alternating transformations “an energy <=> a matter” you can see one more cycle:
    protium + gamma => electron and positron –> acceleration in the accelerator on counter beams => proton or antiproton
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/THE_MOST_IMPORTANT_QUANTUM_NUMBER_e.pdf [Broken]

    Further, there is an assumption about existence of reaction:
    LiD + pressure => Be + gamma => protons and antiprotons => annihilation => EM–energy
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    Your "reaction" protium + gamma --> electron + positron

    violates some a basic physical laws: Conservation of Baryons and
    Conservation of Leptons.

    Protium, i.e. "light hydrogen", consists of one proton [ a baryon ] and an
    electron [ a lepton ].

    Therefore, the reactants consist of 1 baryon and 1 lepton.

    The products consist of an electron [ lepton number 1 ] and a
    positron [ lepton number -1 ].

    Therefore, after the reaction you have 0 baryons and 0 leptons,
    whereas before you had 1 each of baryon and leptons.

    Therefore, your postulated reaction doesn't conserve baryon and
    lepton numbers in contradiction to the laws of Physics.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
  6. Mar 25, 2005 #5
    Dear Dr. G.Greemam,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I know the modern physics of elementary particles rather well. But, also, I see many contradictions in this paradigm. Therefore, I have followed the example from my model – from polytronic model of atomic structure. Probably, I should make one more figure and show, that frame of protium (baryon) does not disappear after radiation of electron and positron.
    The polytronic model is constructed on the law of conservation of energy.
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    Any model that you propose has to not only obey the law of conservation
    of energy - but you must also conserve both linear and angular momentum,
    as well as baryon and lepton numbers.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
  8. Mar 26, 2005 #7
    It is clear, Morbius!
    At collision of particles the quantities of the linear and angular momentums are redistributed, and the amount of movement remains constant.
    However, all this isn’t so simple.
    The physical sense and mathematical expression for any momentum (mechanical, magnetic, electric) should enable for direct calculation of forces of interaction between particles and for dynamics of process of collision.
    Unfortunately, the modern theoretical physics does not devote to this question of due attention.
    But, as, we are in subforum Nuclear Engineering the suggested theme of Beryllium beam, does not demand the careful analysis of the momentums.
    I have analyzed an opportunity of creation of the photon mover on the basis of the beryllium projector and have understood, that such engine will be very inefficient. More effective would be use of interstellar matter and energy.
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