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Best and worst smells

  1. Feb 11, 2016 #1
    What are your favourite smells and which ones you can't stand?

    My favourite ones in random order

    Forest after rain
    Smell of changing seasons. When you feel spring smell at the end of the winter, autumn smell at the end of the summer, but that can be write nostalgic as well. And winter smell at the end of autumn signaling start of coziness and Christmas

    Smell of books, both new and old
    Flowers, but not too sweet
    Baking cakes
    Tea shops where many exotic teas are prepared
    Citrus fruit
    Fresh strawberries and raspberries from our garden

    List of bad smells :
    Body odors
    Dirty train and bus stations
    Big cities
    Heavy air in a room where window has not been opened for ages

    Some people love lavender or vanilla but for me they are not very pleasant. And I don't like vanilla ice-cream.
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    good smell:
    smell of clean skin
    light citrus smell
    smell of certain new clothes
    fading light perfume when someone walk past
    smell of cold air (like the winter air)

    bad smell:
    moist and sour smell in an enclosed area
    Body odors
  4. Feb 11, 2016 #3
    I dislike almost all perfumes. I like the light scents of wild flowers (those like rose's certainly aren't in my list even though its artificial fragrance made for use in shampoos or body soap is the first priority for me to make my choice). I also like the earthy scent of dry soil after it gets soaked pretty much with some water from a downpour.
    And as always I like code smell. :smile:
  5. Feb 11, 2016 #4
    Good: The scent of an approaching thunderstorm. The low pressure sucks the air out of the soil, so it smells like soil. There is an elegant French term that I forget.

    Bad: Neem tree oil. It smells like the diarrhea of a very sick individual.
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    Good smells, Castrol R motor oil, WD 40 general purpose lubricant, freshly cut grass, bread baking.
    Bad smells, pig manure being spread on the land, dog farts.
  7. Feb 11, 2016 #6
    Good smells:
    • Chocolate
    • Coconut
    • Candies
    • Lollipop or candy perfumes
    Bad Smells:
    • Humans
    • Cows
    • Dogs that haven't taken a bath
    • Dogs' mouth
    I'll think of something else.
  8. Feb 13, 2016 #7


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    One smell I can't stand is the roofing tar truck.
    Next, is some decaying vegetables, especially potatoes.
    And the stinky elevator that smells like rotten onions for some reason.
    Caged reptile smell in a pet shop.
    Flower shop smell does get me too excited either.

    Good smell
    Jiffy marker and inks, windless frosty or foggy mornings, hay, bacon and eggs,
  9. Feb 13, 2016 #8


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    Smell of spring rain.
    Lit fireplace, burning leaves on a cool fall day

    Dry, preserved greenery in craft shops (smells like dust-personified)
  10. Feb 13, 2016 #9
    That list looks perfectly complete, with the exception of I would add "Pack rats" to the list of bad smells. I wouldn't be surprised if Hell smells like Pack rats.
  11. Feb 13, 2016 #10
    I've never seen a pack rat.
  12. Feb 13, 2016 #11
    I wish I could say that ?:). They have many bad habits(A quick search will fill you in)but the smell of the them is most likely the worst part, not unlike an old billy goat but more intense.
  13. Feb 13, 2016 #12
    that must be disgusting! ?:) Now I'm glad they don't live here :)
  14. Feb 13, 2016 #13


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    The ultimate good smell is a wad of £50 notes, the ultimate bad smell is rotting chicken poo.:woot:
  15. Feb 13, 2016 #14
    It is always good to set boundaries, Those will do. :wink:
  16. Feb 16, 2016 #15
    Best - Springtime Thaw in the forest.
    Worst - Dentist Office.
  17. Feb 16, 2016 #16
    We played an odd game at the university library. One person sits with their eyes closed, and another finds old crummy textbooks. The person with their eyes closed has to guess what year the textbook written based on how it smells. I swear, some of those old texts literally smell like excrement!

    Fresh coffee or tea in the morning has an amazing smell, on the other hand.
  18. Feb 16, 2016 #17
    good smell: small amounts of Indol
    bad smell: large amounts of Indol.
  19. Feb 17, 2016 #18


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    Are there some other farts you do enjoy? Maybe we can then hang out together some day :).
  20. Feb 17, 2016 #19


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    And what years matches up with that :) ? Weird like I have, is not the smell, but to see how the color of milk changes, an the final color of the mix, when you pour freshly-made coffee on it
  21. Feb 17, 2016 #20
    I'm crazy about the smell of spring, you know, when snow is melting, and the air is worm and .. don't know how to explain, smells like spring :) And I can't stand the smell of blood ?:)
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