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Best AP review guides

  1. Dec 19, 2009 #1
    I need some recommendations for the *best* ap guide. I know princeton review is very popular, but some say is very simplistic and only covers basic materials. I also heard Barron's is pretty good at covering the material in depth. I really don't know much about McGraw Hill's 5 steps to a 5. I ap exams I am planing to take are AP Physics B, AP Calculus BC, and AP US History. (I may also register for AP Comp Sci A, depending on my schedule after new year's eve)

    Thanks and I really appreciate your help!!
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    First off I'd like to assure you that you don't need a review book to take these exams and do well.

    That being said my sister did use Princeton for biology and us history and passed both with a 5 so perhaps they helped? (Certainly didn't hurt if you've got the money)

    As far as physics and calc goes just do as many problems as you can. It's the fastest way to get better.
  4. Jul 8, 2010 #3
    Barron's for Calculus. The problems are harder than the real exam, and so you are better prepared.

    The Princeton Review generally has good history books. I used the AP World one and found it concise and relevant to the exam format.

    As for Physics, I also recommend the PR. The Physics C Princeton Review had ridiculously difficult problems, which I felt were an ideal preparation for the exam. The problems are definitely not "too simple," at least not in the physics books.
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    imo Princeton is just a bit over the top and discourages some students, Barrons is about right for Physics AP-C if you must cram or get a good review. No substitute for practicing problems constantly during the year assuming the concepts are clear. Even Go back and practice the ones you have already done without looking back at the answers.
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