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Best Application Quantum text.

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    So what is an excellent Q&M text that is geared for application. The level of this text I would expect to be suitable for junior year or higher. Also, what about a mechanics book of this level?
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    What kind of applications?
    Device physics (III-V systems)? Lasers? Quantum Computing?
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    A general Q&M applications text with lots of rigor. I have already taken Modern Honors which included SR and introductory Q&M. The HW had lots of application based questions. I am just looking for a text like this at junior or higher level. By the way the text I used was Modern Physics by Randy Harris.
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    Well Q&M applications texts tend not to have "lots of rigor" so good luck.
    A text like your text would not be "higher level" -><-
    Randy Harris? Seriously?
    Not sure if it is what your thinking of but how about
    _Practical Quantum Mechanics_ by Siegfried Flugge
    does not have "lots of rigor" though
    or why not try a less applications oriented book first?
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    I think I understand what you want-- you want the presentation of the material to be logical, clearly showing how everything is derived, and you want the exercises to be applications based, as opposed to toy models and consider the following seemingly arbitrary function for no reason problems. Am I right?

    Your first post made me think that you wanted a book written for mathematicians and perhaps engineers at the same time!
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    Have a look at 'Applied Quantum Mechanics' by Levi.
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