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Best book for Induction motor

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    I want to learn about Induction Motors in detail (down to construction and design). But I currently want to emphasize on single phase induction motors and their design.
    I will be involved in motors repair works, so given a blank iron core of a motor, I want to be able to select wire sizes and capacitor to tailor the performance for different applications.
    Can you suggest me a good book?
    I have had a EE degree, so I want a book that is not just the repair manual for technician, but with theoretical discussion.
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    No reply for so long! Ok, then
    Any [STRIKE]good[/STRIKE] book on Single phase Induction motors? :uhh:
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    You could try the Amazon web site Amazon.com

    Just type "induction motors".

    Books mostly have customer reviews although you don't know the credentials of the reviewers.
    But it is a start.
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    There tend to be two canonical references for electrical machines (including induction machines):

    1. Charles Hubert's Electric Machines: Theory, Operating Applications and Controls
    2. Stephen Chapman's Electric Machinery Fundamentals

    Hubert's book is thorough but very long winded, and Chapman's book elaborates on a bit more of the math, as well as covering some details missed by Hubert's book, including the double (or multiple) squirrel cage set up.

    I guess all this depends on how well versed you are in this material already. As for actual design (as in, the specifications and dimensions of the machines, materials, etc), as I'm sure this has little relevance outside of industry (the home hobbyist would rarely build his own induction machine I'd think due to requirements), hopefully another member may be able to better direct you to any material.
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    electric motor repair - rosenberg / hand

    Not the level of explanation you would receive in an engineering textbook on motors but the perfect blend of theory and practicality in my opinion.

    Also very cool as it opens in two books. One half containing the theory and it references the illustrations in the other book. so you can reference them while your reading.
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