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Best book for SAT

  1. Jun 21, 2011 #1
    I am going to prepare for SAT and i have like 3.5 months
    I need a book that can teach me English (critical reading and writing) from basics because it s not my native language ... (basics like making a good vocab and improving grammar and stuff)

    I dont need a book good in maths because SAT math is a piece of cake for me ... (not bragging but here math level is pretty higher than SAT I Math)

    I know SAT official guide is important but i have read somewhere that it doesn't give good explanations so i might need another book
    some help?
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  3. Jun 21, 2011 #2
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  4. Jun 22, 2011 #3
    I have heard that Barron's is better in English ... And how about Gruber's SAT???

    please more people reply
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