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Best Books on Network Security

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    Would anyone like to suggest some books on Network Security? I read Hacking Exposed a while ago.

    Also, what is the most common language used for utilizing windows exploits? Linux exploits?

    What is your favourite Linux distribution?
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    There is no substitute for person to person communication. I've received the majority of my network security knowledge through conversations with various people in the field. And there's absolutely no reason why you should pay for a book. There's plenty of more detailed, recent, and free information on the internet depending on the topic you're interested in.

    C++ in Windows; C in UNIX derivatives and free UNIX derivatives.

    I don't have a favourite Linux distribution, just for the record.

    Books like `Hacking Exposed' only provide methodology on a case to case basis and don't provide any insight into why you can exploit something specific. They also popularise Linux as some security zealot of an OS, and at the same time, depict Windows as some munchkin of an OS on security (which to some extent, is true).
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