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Best books

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    So I just started my first course of calculus I we are using Steward Calculus Early Transcendentals 7e and it is an ok book so far but I was wondering if any body knows a book that is better and that is more clear and also that has answers to the questions so I can check my work as I go.

    or If you know a place where I can find a ranking of textbooks on calculus (and why not other subjects)

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    I study on my own, I have at least 5 books on Calculus. Hands down is Calculus by Howard Anton, Bevens and Davis.

    This is not the easiest book. But I have easier book like the one by Sherman Stein and Anthony Bacellos. It tries to make it too easy that the definitions are too loose. At the beginning, it is still ok. But when getting to the vector calculus, it literally falls apart.

    Anton's book is very straight and precise in the definition, but if you take the time to digest the material, you really get a much deeper insight.

    I have Thomas also, which is a very popular book too, it is easier, but I really feel it's not as good as Anton. Anton is a lot more logical.
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