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Best calculator in the world

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    What in your opinion is the best(or even just your favourite) calculator in the world? And why?
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    TI-83, because reasons.
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    TI-83 is the most successful historically but it's showing it's age. Little reason not to go for the 84+. The 89 is powerful, but currently not allowed for the ACT test.
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    This is a loaded question. Take for example the suggestion of the Ti-83/84 (same calculator aside from speed and memory, the extra memory holds extra calculator apps). It is a nice easy to use graphing calculator of moderate complexity. It is NOT in the same league as the Ti-89 or Hp 50G, but for a business or technology major, it could be an excellent choice and deemed the best. Why? it has Excellent statistics functions and features that are not as well implemented by the higher end calculators. If I were a heavy user of statistics, it might be my 1st calculator recommendation. I have seen engineers get their engineering degrees with this calculator and swear by it.

    However, I used other features more often. Here is the order I would suggest you consider if you looking to buy the best:
    Hp Prime
    Hp 50G
    I won't recommend the Ti nspire as a calculator, but if you want a math tool, it may be something to consider ( I would definitely buy a Ti pocket calculator to complement this, if you select an Nspire).

    If you are looking for a pocket calculator:
    Hp 35s (only because it is programmable and OS selectable ie RPN or algebraic (EOS)).
    Ti-36 Plus
    Casio fx115 ES
    Hp 17Bii (Business calculator, NO TRIG, but has solver with 32 K of RAM and is OS selectable RPN or algebraic (chain logic)).
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    The smartest, most efficient engineers, use the HP 48. They don't make them anymore, so if you want a new calculator, you are going to have to get an hp 50g
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    I've got a ti-89, ti has a book for ee applications, as well as the ti-89 for dummies, also got a fx-115 for quick calculations. get both of those is my suggestion.
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