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Best (cheap) texts for Real Analysis & Modern Algebra?(Preparation for next semester)

  1. Apr 9, 2006 #1
    Okay, I am a junior undergraduate in CS & Mathematics and I want to be prepared for these two classes when I take them.

    I am currently signed up in the fall for Real Analysis I and Modern Algebra I (among other classes). I have a strong background in Calculus, but don't have much of a background in Statistics or Geometry. I am looking for some easy-to-read material that I can study over the summer that will make these two classes easier for me (I have heard they were very difficult). I have only taken one proofs class so far, and I feel weak in this area although I do understnad the basic proof methods.

    Which textbooks, guides, websites might I find beneficial? I'm asking here instead of browsing Amazon.com for reviews because the reviews are usually made by professors or graduate students who obviously have more understanding of the subject than I do. I would also appreciate any suggestions you have for me.

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