Best (cheap) texts for Real Analysis & Modern Algebra?(Preparation for next semester)

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Okay, I am a junior undergraduate in CS & Mathematics and I want to be prepared for these two classes when I take them.

I am currently signed up in the fall for Real Analysis I and Modern Algebra I (among other classes). I have a strong background in Calculus, but don't have much of a background in Statistics or Geometry. I am looking for some easy-to-read material that I can study over the summer that will make these two classes easier for me (I have heard they were very difficult). I have only taken one proofs class so far, and I feel weak in this area although I do understnad the basic proof methods.

Which textbooks, guides, websites might I find beneficial? I'm asking here instead of browsing for reviews because the reviews are usually made by professors or graduate students who obviously have more understanding of the subject than I do. I would also appreciate any suggestions you have for me.


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