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Best Chemistry Book?

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    Best Chemistry Book???

    What is the best chemistry book out there with lots of practice problems and that allows a beginner to comprehend material the most? It should include all of the basic topics that a college course teaches. Thanks.
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    General Chemistry by Whitten
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    Re: Best Chemistry Book???

    Hi, well I'm in chemical engineering, and I own Petrucci and Whitten-Davis, those are pretty good, Whitten's book has very nice graphics and both have a wide variety of problems, I've heard good things about Brown's Chemistry: central science too, Kotz is also a very nice one, and Chang's Chemistry is very famous but not very good in my opinion
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    Re: Best Chemistry Book???

    I really loved ISBN: 0618857486, general chemistry by Ebbing, 9th edition, also the book is on cramster, with all solutions in case you get stuck.

    I think its conceptually well organized and an easy to read/ learn self guided way to learn chemistry.
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    Re: Best Chemistry Book???

    Well..I have heard for physics majors..
    those physical chemistry textbook can be a good way to learn some chemistry using physics you have learned..
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