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Homework Help: Best College-level Physics Text?

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    I'm a high school senior who's never taken physics but I plan on doing so in college. I'd like to get a good start....I'm very good w/ the sciences..i'm in the IB-program so I really would like to get a good headstart..plan on studying over the summer.
    Just two days ago I bought PHYSICS (principles with applications) by GIANCOLI. I got past the third chapter with minimal help....but the problems on the 4th get too challenging for my taste. Is there any text out there that you feel does an awesome job of explaining the concepts AND how2 solve these problems?

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    I used, and I like, the Serway&Beichner text Physics for Scientists & Engineers, but many people complain that it doesn't exactly walk you through how to solve all the problems. i.e. it explains MOST of the concepts very thoroughly, but it also makes you puzzle out some of them on your own via problems, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Why not just try to bulldog your way through them as well as you can, & post questions here when you get stuck?

    You might also look at a Schaum's outline for problem-solving hints.
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    I highly recommend you the famous college-level calculus based physics text, "Fundamentals of Physics" by Halliday, Resnick and Walker...it does a very good job explaining the concepts...it also gives you examples and techniques on how to approach problems.

    Hope that helpz.
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