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Best Computer Games?

  1. Sep 5, 2004 #1
    What do you guys think are the best computer games out there?

    I would have to say I am very partial to RTCW and HALO
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    I like games that are:

    Railroad Tycoon II
    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Theme Park
    Theme Hospital

    I also like real-time strategy games.
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    Call of Duty is one of the best FPS I've ever played. I really enjoy the fact that you go to war not by yourself, but with teammates (bots) helping you out and some circumstances saving you from getting shot or killed.

    I don't understand why they don't make most FPS like this because going through the same mission all by your lonesome can get quite redundant.
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    That game is great. It adds to the realism when you aren't constantly put in suicide missions. I wish the whole game was with fellow soldiers. I couldn't stand that annoying solo mission on the boat.
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    Aww, you guys suck.

    Half life all the way!
    Counterstrike is second.

    Half life 2 coming soon! :biggrin:
  8. Sep 6, 2004 #7

    SimCity 4 (with Rush Hour expansion)
    MS Flight Simulator 2004
    Roller Coaster Tycoon
    Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (free)

    First Person Shooters:

    Half Life
    Red Faction
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Rogue Spear

    Strategy (turn based):

    Civilization I and III
    Alpha Centauri

    Strategy (real time):

    Total Annihilation (with Core Contingency expansion)
    Age of Empires I and II

    Other good stuff:

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2,3,4
    Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City
    Doom 3 (Only for the graphics if your comp can handle it)
    Jeopardy 2003 (the free one u get in cereal boxes)
    You Don’t Know Jack – The Ride

    I’ll add to my list as soon as I sober up and can remember more.
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    :rofl: :rofl: Your experience about combat has left a mark on your computer times :biggrin:

    I absolutely agree with Amwbonfire: Half Life.

    And to add something: the Quake series were also good games.
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  11. Sep 6, 2004 #10
    Half-Life? haha. :confused:

    No, in order to get the true masterpieces you should go back even further. ID Software, John Carmack!
    Return to castle wolfenstein,
    my favorite Commander Keen!
    and many others.

    Do i have to say anything else?
    Although, if i am going to name a NEW great game it would have to be the Splinter Cell serie. Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and the upcomming Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
  12. Sep 6, 2004 #11
    space empires, X-COM and goldeneye for N64
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  14. Sep 6, 2004 #13
    Overall best game ever is halo

    Halo took up more of my life than I would like to admit
  15. Sep 6, 2004 #14
    The game I've been most addicted to in my life is: simcity 4000, rollercoaster tycoon, half life, doom3, x-com, heroes of might and magic 3, serious sam
  16. Sep 6, 2004 #15
    All you have been mentioning doom 3--- taht just came out... I wasn't very impressed with the actual game play although the grapics were to die for. I also heard the game was really easy to beat and my friend beat it in a couple of days
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    FPS : Medal of Honor
  18. Sep 7, 2004 #17
    DOOM 3
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (multiplayer rocks!)
    Battlefield 1942
    Lords of the Realm II
  19. Sep 7, 2004 #18
    Half Life
    Bladur's Gate Saga
    Space Empires IV

    In that order
  20. Sep 7, 2004 #19
    What about HALO
    doesn't anyone here play halo

    Including on the box
  21. Sep 7, 2004 #20
    I'm sorry people but doom3 is overrated. Its graphics are great, but thats what the game was made for. Doom3 was made for the engine, not the gameplay.

    edit: /me gives another shout out to space empires IV :tongue2:
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