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Best Cosmology/Astronomy Undergrad schools?

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    Well it's time for me to start Collage searching and I was wondering If wanyone knew what the best Undergrad schools for Cosmology and Astronomy are. Thanks Ahead of time
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    What are your stats? Unweighted/weighted GPA, class rank, ACT/SAT & SAT II's, and EC's?

    Are you looking for a public or private university? Do you want to go to a LAC? Do you prefer a small (< 10,000), medium, or large (> 30,000) university? Do you have a price range?

    You're not going to find anything pertaining to cosmology in undergrad. As for astronomy, the best schools are, naturally, the top-notch Ivy and HYPs, which are, to be quite frank, out of reach for the bulk of the population.

    You may want to pick up a book like the U.S. News' America's Best Colleges or The Fiske Guide to College . These books list hundreds of colleges, including their stronger programs and admissions stats.
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