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Best distance learning program

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    Hi all,

    I am a student at university of phoenix, and I am unhappy with the technology information systems degree I am taking so I want to transfer to physics. I want to teach physics someday starting at a high school level. I was mislead by my counselor the only thing they really have I can start next semester is bachelors of science education, which includes mathematics, which will have some physics in it. Thats not what I am looking for I want a specialized physics and astronomy degree, a PHD but I want to get a bachelors, masters, then the phd.

    I started with the idea I'd rush through an associates program just to better my current career. But what I am learning now I already know, this means I do not look forward to class at all. I have been logging in the minimum times and doing all my work for the week in one day. The reason I decided to take physics is because after studying some of the tutorials here, and after cracking open my aunts old advanced physics book from high school, I have realized I have a passion to learn this stuff and I am talented at it. I would rather spend the next 10 yrs of my life working on something that I will really enjoy doing than to just get a promotion that I should already have!

    My problem is I am a single father of three kids, I"m 31 years old and I spend alot of time teaching my kids. I need an online course, and I am not having much success in googling for an online physics degree. Is anyone here currently taking distance learning?? Care to give me some advice and recommend a school I can transfer to?
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    From what I understand, Drexel has online courses. I'm not sure what part of the country you're from, though.


    EDIT: Wait.. I must have misread.. Are you living in Phoenix or just doing their online program?
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    I'm just in their program. I live in eastern kentucky, if I could find a program that helps single parents out I would take on campus courses as well however.
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