Best e-ink pdf reader?

  1. I finally found out exactly what I'm looking for, the problem is, I can't find it anywhere.

    E-ink is best for the eyes, but it seems like there are no e-ink readers that can properly handle pdf-files. Kindles seem useless for pdfs and unfortunately Apple Ipad are hard on the eyes because of the IPS panel.

    Any suggestions or updates?
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    Pocketbook 902 or 903 can handle pdf and has quite a big screen (9"). Nevertheless, handling of the pdf's is quite slow, especially reading the pdf rotated or magnified.
    So I still prefer to carry printouts of articles with me for reading.
    Would be interesting to compare it with a Kindle DX in that respect.
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  6. Thank you for your suggestions so far :) I still think i gotta wait a little longer for a better e-ink pdf reader to reach the market.
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