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Best Eye Pieces for a Newbie?

  1. Aug 5, 2008 #1
    I've got a telescope (Meade DS114 -- reflecting, D = 114mm, F= 910mm, f/8) that I'm trying to get together again. We have several eye pieces still around -- H25mm, H12.5mm, SR4mm. We had a hard time locating objects (besides large things like the moon), so I'm wondering if I should try other eye pieces? Or is it just a matter of honing our skills? Thanks!
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    Hi ReneeS! :smile:

    Doesn't the DS114 come with a finder attached?

    If the finder's not accurate, try it with a distant tree.

    If there's no finder, then get one … there is a reason why telescopes come with finders! :wink:
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