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Best fit tablet for me?

  1. May 5, 2012 #1
    Hey everyone,

    Recently I've been looking into buying a tablet that would best fit my specifications. I thought this would be the best place to poke around and get more expertise opinions.

    Basically I would be using the tablet for various things; notes, homework, writing math/physics equations, etc.

    I'm in my freshman year of highschool and I'm doing alot of traveling this summer. I will need a tablet that has a good, responsive touchscreen, and that will allow me to study/self-learn Alg II, Pre-Calc/Calc, Chemistry (mabye), and Physics. I want to be well prepared and rather advanced when I enter my sophomore classes next year.

    Not to mention learning Python, C, and Matlab.
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    Hey Mr. Miller, I'd suggest a samsung tablet.
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    Man chem is so hard!~!!
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    Anything having android is good, as there are quite a few apps to learn stuff on like wolfram alpha etc. I'd probably go for the ASUS eee pad transformer. Another good option would be the Samsung galaxy 8.9 which has a small screen for better portability.
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    For learning Algebra and Calc, check out PatrickJMT.com. He makes tons of very helpful math video tutorials, makes learning the material very easy.

    I have an ipad and would not recommend it just because it seams to be deliberately made with a lack in functionality so apple can profit more off of Itunes.
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    Well I wouldn't need it for apps, I will have all the textbooks I need.

    I just need something that will allow me to take notes and do homework on, and something that will save my work. I really like the asus transformer or the samsung tablet because music could also be uploaded on to it. Not to mention it's multi-purpose even beyond what I'm seeking.
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    Ok, I think I might go with an Ipad 3. If anyone this this is a bad idea, please comment now.

    My main reason for going with the Ipad 3 is because I already have a pretty extensive Itunes account, and thats really the only thing.

    My other option would be the Asus eee pad Transformer, so if you thin the Asus would be a better fir with better apps to fit my needs than please let me know so.
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    Initially I did have Ipad in mind. Ipad 3 is amazing, but if you are considering value for money, Asus wins. Although, since you have a extensive Itunes account already, I believe going for Ipad would be the better choice.
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    I'm not all that worried about money, thankfully, my parents are paying for it. And I just read up on the Ipad 3 and it looks to be a beast. They crammed in so much stuff to really push it, and it hardly gained any in a weight aspect. Can't wait for the new retina display. processor, RAM, and overall beauty of it!
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    You know whats really awkward. My teacher has the same name as you and hes looking for a tablet.
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    Haha, which one is he thinking about getting?
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    HP touchpad? Hmm, never heard of it.

    And I will enjoy it!

    Thanks everyone for the help!
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    Its a rather less-known tablet brought in by HP and discontinued soon. The plus is they sold it dirt cheap (100 dollars a piece) but it barely has any support of any sort. Somehow, I got it to dual-boot android along with webOS and it works like a charm :smile:
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    Damn, sounds like a really good deal too me!
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    Ben Niehoff

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    My teachers still looking:p But maybe I could tell him to get this one!
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    I'm getting the Asus Transformer which uses the Android Market. I've looked at Android's apps and yes, they do have apps for my specific needs.
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