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    I'm studying Mathematics at the university. But, I also have Physics and Theoretical Computer Science courses, so, I registered as a member in this forum. I am pretty much interested in pursuing Economics or Finance PhD, so, obviously I registered in forums relating to economics/finance. Though I do not want to mention the names of the other forums, I, from the bottom of my heart feel that this forum and its people are just great! There are no "rude replies", no attitude "show-offs", are some of the reasons I can name!

    Kudos to PF! :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!)
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    Welcome to PF, doodle_sack, I'm glad you found us :smile:!
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    Doodle sack... I know that's a german bagpipe from listening to Says You! on NPR... any chance that this is where you got the name? If not, I'd love to hear how! Hei├čen Sie willkommen zu PF
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    You will do well in economics and finance, brown nose!
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    @nismaratwork: doodle sack is the sack that santa carries on christmas.....glad you liked it!! you are the "n-th" fan of this name lol!

    @Andy: i couldn't agree more with you, if my idea of pursuing economics exists when i complete my degree =p
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    OMG! only after reading nismaratwork's post i googled for doodlesack, i am a bit terrified by some of the results! :S
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    Heh... I'm still a fan of the name. :smile:
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    Thanks Doodle Sack for your nice entrance in this great forum.
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