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Best Homework Threads

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    Every now and then, this forum has the rare and satisfying experience of hosting a well presented homework thread - a thread where the member seeking help has chosen a title well, written out the original question completely, provided sources and diagrams if required, explained their background and thought process, as well as described the nature of the help needed. Such threads are a pleasure to read and help out with.

    In this sticky, the Homework Helpers recognize, congratulate and thank the members who take the care that is necessary to effectively present their questions and show the effort they have made towards answering them.

    The following list of members/threads will be updated as and when noteworthy threads catch the attention of the Homework Helpers. We can only hope that more and more posters follow these examples, and that threads like those below become the norm, rather than the exception.

    And the authors of the Best Homework Threads are (recent inductees at the top):






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