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Programs Best inst for phd in comp. science

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    hi all,

    dear friends i am in very first year and pursuing (B.tech. + M.Tech.) dual degree from IIT Kanpur .i wanna know which is the best institute for doing phd in computer science and how to get there.I have seriously research on mind and i want to start from now.

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    plz. guys any one suggest me.
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    What country (or countries) are you considering?
  5. Nov 7, 2004 #4
    i am considering whole world.
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    USA: MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, U of Illinois Urbana Champagne and UC Berkeley.
    Canada: Waterloo, U of Toronoto, McGill and Queen's.
    UK: Cambridge and U of Edinburgh.

    That's my opinion, of course.
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    Math Is Hard

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    I'll second UC Berkeley. Excellent reputation.
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    Heman, I was just wondering...does the IIT campuses have a PhD program? If it does maybe you can continue there itself...IIT has a very good reputation.
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    iit is fine but i am looking for a very research oriented campus,iit is for all ugs+pgs.
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    Carnegie Mellon is the top institute for CS in many rankings.
    Take this as you wish.
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