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Best knife blade metal?

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    hi you'al,
    i hang in a knife forum and there is a lot of discussion on what steel is "best" for knife blades..latest fad/dream steel is some power made to steel from Hitachi

    some of what i wander is the "powder" made no for these steels and what adds to the properties of the steel

    the most important property talked of is how long lasting of the sharpness cutting meat

    also any comment on heat treatment would be if interest..
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    It depends on what need - generally you can have some combination of:
    Stainless, anti-corrosion
    Hardenss, sharpening ability
    How long it holds the edge for
    Flexibility, how likely it is to break in use

    Basically you pick the mix you need.
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    for most of us it is how long the edge holds..
    that is what made buck knives grow so fast is thath he made the edge hard to last longer when most had them easy to sharpen..
    how long the edge last is for me in a meat knife..
    useing a knife on construction jobe a thicker back bone on the blade and edge work but
    to me it is not how sharp it gets if it dont last so very long
    for me it is what makes the edge last longest?
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