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Best Latex Editor?

  1. Dec 11, 2016 #41
    Even after trying TeXstudio I prefer the following approach. I use a text editor (Notetab) and use my own set of macros to format equations, rather than type Latex syntax. I preprocess the text file using a fairly simple Perl script which translates my original file into Latex before I run it through MikTex. This sort of job is not difficult using Perl, which excels in text processing.

    The advantage for me is that I only need to remember one simple macro language, which suits me because I created it. I don't need to type Latex code. I also don't need to spend time learning the features of yet another program. The same applies to generating files for Gnuplot, etc. In cases where my script is not generating the right Latex code, then I might use TeXstudio for debugging purposes.

    This approach is quite flexible. For example, suppose you want to produce a document where the equations are formatted in a different syntax than Latex? Simply add a new macro processor which targets a different syntax.

    I don't necessarily recommend this particular approach for anyone else, but I do recommend learning some Perl for any of your text processing needs. An interesting note: Perl has been widely used in bioinformatics where they deal with lots of information in character string form, namely biological sequences of DNA and proteins
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    LaTeX support on Atom editor is pretty decent. You might want to check out plugins developed by the community. These include compilation, syntax-highlight, auto-completion, table of contents view, internal pdf viewer etc.
  3. Jul 5, 2017 #43
    For writing reports I would recommend TexStudio. and for articles and other than reports and books I would recommend Latexila on Linux. Latexila is a very lightweight and user friendly latex editor. I used it for many years until something strange happened with it and it wouldn't run auto completion anymore. I wouldn't recommend Eclipse if you don't do anything else but latex writting neither netbeans or Emacs.
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