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Best linux ad

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    I think it this is far more than an ad. By the way, does anyone here use linux?

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    I think it is an absurd commercial.

    An operating system does not educate people information does.
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    Nice :approve: . We've pretty much a "win-free" lab nowadays, couple of solaris & sgi machines but rest run linux (various flavors of course, keeping it standard would be boring).
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    So what would the linux version of the mac/PC guy ad look like?
    As they discuss herbal tea and Vista, Richard Stallman descends like a ninja on a wire behind them and chops them both in half with a katana? http://xkcd.com/225/
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    Wha wha what? Linux...ad? Ha ha...

    I'm in the process of making an old laptop of mine run Ubuntu, btw.
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