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Best material for a reflector?

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    What material would be best to use when making a cylindrical reflector (antenna) for a 2.4Ghz signal?
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    At 2.5 Ghz the skin depth of RF signals is quite small so to keep down losses
    it should at least be smooth , but aside from that there is probably little difference between conductors such copper or aluminum.
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    Best material is silver.

    Most cost effective material is aluminum.

    Best performance for the buck is copper.
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    The last post may be correct but the point is that it is only the surface which counts not the bulk.
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    Are you perchance making a parabolic reflector to enhance your Wifi?

    There's lots of literature on the Web about it, including blueprints for shape and curvature, and full instructions. I built a couple myself, takes about an hour and can be done entirely in your kitchen. The most sophisticated material used is aluminum foil.
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    I stand corrected.

    Silver-plated copper is best.
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