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Best method to study physics

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    I am in my second semester of calculus based physics ( electromagnetism ) and like last semester this is my hardest class, and the one that im struggling with. I spent so much time reading, looking into websites trying to understand the concepts, but when it comes to the test seems like i dind't study at all. So my question is. is it better to approach physics trough memorization ? or whats the best way to study physics? sorry if my question seems like no brainer but i feel that maybe i can get a couple of good tips of how to approach physics.i really like the subject but i feel time goes fast and the material is not well settled in my brain by the time of the test. Thanks.
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    Don't try to approach physics through memorization (except for memorizing useful constants and equations such as Coulomb's constant, permittivity and permeability of free space, Lorentz Force, etc.). Memorization won't guarantee that you understand the material. When reading material, highlight important concepts. Write this material in your own words and be capable of explaining it someone else using "English".

    Make sure you are eating and sleeping properly as well.
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    Stop doing so much reading and looking at websites. The most important steps you need to take in order to understand physics:
    Do lots of problems.
    Do lots of problems.
    Do lots of problems.
    Do lots of problems.
    Take a break. Like Mmm_Pasta said, eat well and get some good sleep. I'll add, get lots of exercise. You're going to need it, because once you've recovered from all those problems, you then need to:
    Do lots of problems.
    Do lots of problems.
    Do lots of problems.

    Start with the easy ones and work up to the hard ones.

    Seriously, that's how it's done. There is no shortcut.
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    well memorization isn't good for me when I study. I find I do well when I really relate the material to me and to my surroundings! Which is so easy for physics! If you connect the material that you're study on a less superficial level (deeper), you can work on getting it stored in the long term memory.

    as for the problems, you need to practice!!
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