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Best names for a band

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    Chi Meson

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    I wanted to get a top ten list of best Physics related names for rock bands, jazz groups, etc.

    The most obvious one, but still a good one, would be:
    "Heat Death" (heavy metal, of course).

    Another one that I think already has been used is :
    "Schroedinger's Cat" (Progressive acoustic music, I would think)

    But the one I'd really like to go see is:
    Circle of Least Confusion ("CLC" for short, or maybe just "Circle of Confusion", clearly avant guarde jazz).

    Any other suggestions?
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    Well, with the advent of rap stars with horrendously inaccurately spelled names, try Kalkulus, Ken-a-matik E-kway-shun or something like that.
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    Name for a Jazz Duo: "The Duality of Light"

    Heavy metal band: "Graviton"

    Jazz Fusion: "Quark"

    And this one is naughty. Name for an all girl band: "Feynman Slit experiment."
  5. Sep 4, 2003 #4
    Rock band; inert propulsion, iron gas, torrodially twisted, entropic chaos, entropic orders, dictated chaos......

    Jazz; unbound fusion, harmonic cacophony, silent vibrations, hot heat death, formally fuzzy, Sax above the beach, Horn kneading.....
    (Gimme more time!! will ya?)
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