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I wanted to get a top ten list of best Physics related names for rock bands, jazz groups, etc.

The most obvious one, but still a good one, would be:
"Heat Death" (heavy metal, of course).

Another one that I think already has been used is :
"Schroedinger's Cat" (Progressive acoustic music, I would think)

But the one I'd really like to go see is:
Circle of Least Confusion ("CLC" for short, or maybe just "Circle of Confusion", clearly avant guarde jazz).

Any other suggestions?
Well, with the advent of rap stars with horrendously inaccurately spelled names, try Kalkulus, Ken-a-matik E-kway-shun or something like that.
Name for a Jazz Duo: "The Duality of Light"

Heavy metal band: "Graviton"

Jazz Fusion: "Quark"

And this one is naughty. Name for an all girl band: "Feynman Slit experiment."
Rock band; inert propulsion, iron gas, torrodially twisted, entropic chaos, entropic orders, dictated chaos......

Jazz; unbound fusion, harmonic cacophony, silent vibrations, hot heat death, formally fuzzy, Sax above the beach, Horn kneading.....
(Gimme more time!! will ya?)
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