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Best national anthem?

  1. Nov 20, 2008 #1
    http://www.nationalanthemsworld.com/ [Broken]

    A lot of crappy anthems out there, particularly in Africa and Asia. But here are the 20 best ones IMO:

    1. Russia
    2. Germany
    3. Canada
    4. Poland
    5. Romania
    6. Brazil
    7. France
    8. Sweden
    9. Great Britain
    10. Bangladesh
    11. Kazakhstan
    12. Mongolia
    13. Italy
    14. Bahamas (inspired by the Canadian?)
    15. USA
    16. Andorra (inspired by the French?)
    17. Spain
    18. Portugal
    19. Norway
    20. Netherlands
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    In my opinion, South Africa has the best national anthem, with Australia first.

    By the way I'm a New Zealander, just to eliminate any accusations of bias.
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    I agree with joeyar.

    South Africa's national anthem has parts in 3 languages, I think that's pretty cool. First part is Xhosa, the second is Afrikaans and the third is English.

    Problem is that the tune is use in the national anthem of other african countries too, so it loses it's uniqueness musically.
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    That site has the lyrics wrong for Germany - Deutschland über alles is not sung anymore, that was the Nazi and Weimar Republics' anthem. Only the third stanza is sung now.
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    I would say the soviet national anthem. I dislike the concept but their song is sung here a lot for various humour-reasons.

    The best lyrics would although be the french national anthem.

    http://www.nationalanthemsworld.com/anthems/france.html [Broken]
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    I think enya would do a cracking national anthem. Look at what she did to "there's a hole in my bucket"
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