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Best National Tree

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    There are a lot of different kinds of trees in the US that we haven't driven to extinction yet. The Oak, one of these uneradicateable weeds, has been designated by act of Congress as the National Tree of the US. This is a wise choice in my opinion. My living room floor is covered with a beautiful parquet of old growth White Oak and looks fabulous. Given the recent trend on GD of allowing other countries' symbols to be spoken of in the same breath with those of the US, I thought I would open this up to the board. Can you think of a National Tree of some other two bit foreign country better than that of my dear beloved home?
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    Oak is overrated, it bends and splits easily during drying. Your Northerly Neighbours made an excellent choiche with the Sugar maple. I'd go for the unique Sequoiadendron giganteum

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    Lebanon has its cedars.
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    India - the Banyan Tree

    http://www.plantatreelovetheplanet.com/images/banyan-tree_zf0i.jpg [Broken]


    http://www.bangalorewalks.com/images/banyan1.jpg [Broken]
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    I like the ancient and devious Jurassic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agathis_australis" [Broken]s of New Zealand, who got the jump on the uppity newfangled angiosperms who had the temerity to evolve more advanced means of propagation by figuring out how to poison the ground around them with a poison only they are immune to. It's sort of the Dread Pirate Roberts of trees.

    2ut5f0i.png 180px-Young_kauri_leaves.jpg 180px-Kauricone01.jpg 180px-Kauri_gum_nz_amber.jpg
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    I think the Oak has been the national tree of England :rolleyes: since time immemorial, see http://www.icons.org.uk/introduction for example.

    When Britannia ruled the waves, it was in ships of good English oak! :smile:

    But if I have to make an unbiased choice, I'll agree with turbo-1, and go for …

    :tongue2: Cedar of Lebanon! :tongue2:​

    … good enough to be on the national flag! :smile:
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    So I googled "best bonsai" for some other suggestions and -believe it or not- this page was #11 on the first page.
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    But you're not Libanese, are you? :uhh:

    Perhaps go for the American unique bristlecone pine instead

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    Oh, those are bristlecone pines... I think I read that someone is trying to genetically engineer a variety of bristlecone pines so that the fibers from them can be used to strengthen concrete the same way fiberglass is used.

    Madagascar Baobab:


    Soon to result in the evolution of winged monkeys.
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    I'd still stick with bristlecones

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    I would nominate the bristlecone, too, Andre, except it's not a national tree, and the only state to designate it a state tree (Nevada) makes it share the honor with another species.
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