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In summary, the speaker is seeking advice on what type of laptop to buy for running Pro/Engineer 5.0 Schools Edition efficiently. They mention needing a powerful graphics card and at least 6-8GB of RAM. Another speaker suggests getting a Dell M6500 or M4500, but another speaker disagrees and recommends Lenovo instead.
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I plan on buying a laptop this weekend and need some advice on what to get. The only heavy program that I will be running is Pro/Engineer 5.0 Schools Edition. What specs are required for my laptop to run this program efficiently(RAM, processor, etc.)? Does anyone have any experience with running this program on a notebook? Thanks for any help.
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I have only used the full blown versions. In this case the graphics card and accelerator is the weak link.
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What kind of computer did you have?
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Why do you want a laptop if your goal is to run Pro/E? The problem is that now you are constrained to needing an actual graphics card, which is going to destroy your battery life. The best GPU to have is a workstation graphics card like a Quadro. I don't know if they make those for laptops though.
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We have been using SW through an external license. We had a special graphics cards, and 6 or 8 GB (the more the better) RAM installed. Get at least a duo core processor 2.4 GHz or better.

See requirements here:
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Get a dell M6500 (17" display) or M4500 (15.6" display).
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Boo to Dell. If you MUST get a notebook, get Lenovo.