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Best Operating system?

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    Hey I need help! you see I need to get a new computer running and I want to know what system is best(Linux,Mac OS X,BSD,OS/2,solaris,Windows
    Major Needs:
    Good User interface you know not to buggy
    Fast and stable even if there are millions of programs running
    good ease of use in general
    Wide range of software with good offerings in engineerring/math/science specialty software.
    good to learn on

    any help would be great
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    Depends on how much you want to spend and what type of engineering apps you need. Windows by far has the most software. There is a native version of Matlab thats run much better under osx and linux but software like autocad must be run under WINE. Out of box OSX is going to give you the best GUI, while Linux is more suited for those that like absolute control over their desktop. I don't need to explain windows.

    Before doing anything I suggest doing a google search on all the apps you need and see if there are replacements or a way to run in OSX or Linux before leaving windows.
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