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Homework Help: Best Organic Chemistry Book?

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    As the title states, what is the best book?

    The book I'm using now is Vollhardt and Schore. I don't like it very much. The book is very spammy, if you know what I mean. I'd like a book that builds on previous facts. My current book just presents facts with little relation to previous topics, and reading it makes me wonder what the point of learning this material is (other than that I need to know them for the course).

    I want something more of like a math or physics book, where everything is derived from a fundamental set of well-accepted facts, or at least something that justifies >why< the material is being presented in the book.

    If you're recommending a book and you still have it, could you please provide some examples from the book where the above request is satisfied?
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    It won't be easy. First of all - organic chemistry is not derived, we observed the reality and tried to explain it. And reality doesn't like to be pushed into simple categories, especially when it is so complex reality like the one observed in organic chemistry.

    When it comes to material selection it is almost always a personal choice of the author. We can do some generalizations about observed reaction mechanisms. Some of them are more general and happen more often, some of them are less likely to happen or require some particular conditions to be observed. Those more general (like SN1, SN2, E1) will be described in every book. Those less general are always a matter of personal taste - each author will find different mechanisms more interesting for some reasons. Same about examples.
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    I thought the bible of organic chemistry was Morrison and Boyd? Or no?
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    I don't know. Without other people telling me of their experiences, I'm lost. I only have Vollhardt and Schore, and it's not working.
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    Not that I'm trying to necropost, but I finally obtained a copy of this book. It is amazing, and suits all of what I asked for.
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