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Courses Best PGRE Prep Course?

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    Hey there, I am currently studying for my physics GRE which I will be taking in October of this year. Recently I made a comment to my schoolmates on my study strategy and I mentioned that I would not be taking a prep course but rather studying on my own for the exam. Many of them gave me a very confused look as if I was crazy for not taking a prep course. I never really thought about taking a prep course because of how expensive they are. I figured I would do fine in just taking all the available practice tests I could get my hands on and by using the ETS guide and a few pGRE prep books. I would like to ask those of you have taken a prep course for the GRE if it was really worth it, and how you would compare it to the time you used to study on your own for the exam. Do you think you would have done a lot worse had you not taken the prep course? Also, I wouldn't mind hearing other people's opinions on the matter. If you have comments on specific prep courses that would be very helpful.

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    I didn't take a prep course for the PGRE and I would say that stuyding on your own is the best way to do it. Not only is it cheaper, but most people will tell you that the best way to study for the PGRE is to do a lot of practice problems and test yourself using the available practice exams. You can do both of these things without a prep course.

    Please note this is just my personal opinion. For me, I know that a prep course wouldn't have helped me.
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    I've never even heard of the existence of a prep course for the PGRE. It's a fairly specialized test - not a very large market for one.
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