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Best Physical Means of Storing Kinetic/Mechanical Energy

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    Meaning springs and such; what specifically is the strongest (in relation to size) device for storing this energy?

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    a space shuttle.... before u break off the earth's atmoshpere try jumping off that thing.... and feel the POWER -in case u won't be hit by a heart attack first-.

    nothing is really comin' up to my mind but springs... u can make a very big one and a small one... if ur askin' about qualities then, it's ur choice because logically u can imagine anything!!!!!!
    if ur doing a project or something then try considering a gun's spring that fires the bullet when u trigger (Sniper Rifles are the best example)
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    It's unclear exactly what you mean by strongest. Here are some possibilities:
    Power Density (Power per Mass)
    Power Density (Power per Volume)
    Energy Density (Energy per Mass)
    Energy Density (Energy per Volume)
    Storage Efficiency (Energy out per Energy in)

    Do you consider a fast moving object to be 'energy storage'?
    Do you consider moving up to be 'energy storage'?
    Do you have a particular application in mind?
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    If you want portable storage, then flywheels would probably be best.
    If you can leave it in one place, just use gravity. Raise a heavy object to some high elevation. You can even make it a fluid, such as the storage behind a hydroelectric dam.
    But why would it have to be in mechanical form? Just use gasoline, and convert it to mechanical when needed.
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    It needs to be mobile... and what I'm looking for is either the highest energy per volume or power per volume.
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    Pick one, you can't have both.
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    Either meaning I don't know which one... so if you know one or both, that'd be great.
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