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Best Physics Magazine/Journal

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    Hello, all. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what the best science magazine or journal is. Currently, I'm looking at Science magazine, but if anyone knows of a better one or a problem with Science, please tell me. Thanks in advance.
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    There is no such thing as a 'best' magazine or journal. Different people like different things and each magazine will have its positives and negatives. Having said that, I have subscribed to, on a monthly basis, 'Physics World' which puts together all the recent news/updates that occur in Physics worldwide. 'New Scientist' is also good, but covers other topics as well.
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    Ok, thanks. I was wondering what is the most widely accepted and credible? I was also hoping to find one that published recent papers, but it also comprehensible, if that exists. I think that Science meets that description, but please tell me if it doesn't.
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    Have you considered to google your favorite magazine together with words like 'bias' or 'disputed'?
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    I like the magazine "focus" not only is it physics but it also contains many other
    Interesting things in the world of science anything from usain bolts record and they biological side of that to dark matter I strongly advise reading it i just got my subscription and can't wait for my new copies to arive. Hope you enjoy it if you do decide to go for it thanks Jack.
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    Thanks for the advice! Earlier today I decided on Physics Today and I can't wait to get the first issue.
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    Ah, you must mean Physics Tomorrow Or The Next Day.
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    Did they toss in the swimsuit issue?
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