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Best posts of the year at PF

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    Math Is Hard

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    Love it.
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    That's a beauty. It's too bad MIH's title is not sincere, maybe something like, "Best Crackpot posts of the year". I think some will not get the intent, and list great posts instead. hehe...

    Rhody... o:)
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    There was truly awesome one just the other day that wondered if the "alternate earth energy e=mc^2" could explain, in one shot, the missing Atlantis and the presence of the (hollow) Moon by way of Earth's magnetic field acting "like a car's alternator" and ejecting it.

    And it had diagrams.

    I wanted to preserve it, perhaps in acrylic, but alas, it was unceremoniously expunged.
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    Can we self-nominate? I just desperately want attention.

    I'm in an industrial printing facility sitting next to a 300C gas dryer, on top of a 5 gallon bucket of blanket wash (not that kind of blanket), wearing earplugs because of the deafening noise, and all of the local clocks are off by 3 hours.

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    Yeah, I liked that one :biggrin:
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