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Best Schools In The Us For Physicists

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    Besides IV League and Stanford, what are the best colleges you can come out of with a physics degree and get the highest salary and year annual pay? UC Berkeley? UC Davis? CALPOLY? ECT? ECT?
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    Well the ivy league schools arent necessarily the best in physics. It really depends on what field of physics you want to study. Pay simply depends on which job you get and what your experience is and how well known you are. It also depends on who you studied under because they will be able to help you get the better jobs based on their own name recognition.
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    Then what is the best school for the feild theoretical physics and cosmology?
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    Theoretical physicists can get high paying jobs on the private sector but don't think you can make money with cosmology because cosmologists aren't needed outside of universities. Well maybe except to write pop-sci books and appear on tv every now and then.
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    IMO, CalPoly is only good for getting you a job at Cisco Sytems ! :biggrin: And many of the IVY league schools are pretty bad for physics. At the college level, it doesn't matter so much what the reputation of the school is. Many successful physicists come from less known colleges.

    And if you want to do research in physics, don't expect to start after a college degree. You'll want to then go to grad school and spend 5-7 yrs getting a PhD. After this, you will spend a few more years on a postdoc.

    So, if you're in high schoolnow, you've got at least about 12 years to go before you get a permanent job in physics.

    <waiting for Zz to do the pulling his hair out act>
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    Too late, Gokul. I've pulled my hair each time question like this pops up that I have none left to pull. So now I just grind my teeth and let it slip by. Eventually, I'll wear away at the enamel......

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