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Best Science Documentaries/Media

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    I really spend a lot of time looking for stuff that can teach me something online, where I don't have to sit down with a notepad and do any real work. I figure I am not the only one who looks for that sort of media. If people are willing to make some recommendations, ill review them here and post them up on a list, that I will catalog if it becomes large enough to necessitate that.

    My ideal video or audio would be more user friendly than a lecture, and more technical than say, the average nova. Any level of technical detail is fine, but it is most useful for me (and likely many others) if whatever complexity it does move towards, that complexity be rooted within the same program to something near vector calculus or red shifting in mathematical/scientific detail.

    Just to get things started, I would recommend Carl Sagan's Cosmos, and Richard Dawkin's Growing up in the Universe lectures to anyone who hasn't seen them, and they can be found on youtube.

    If a thread like this already exists, link that too please.
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    Well, Nova is a great show. I especially love The Elegant Universe. I've also enjoyed Robert X. Cringley's Triumph of the Nerds, and Nerds 2.0.

    But as far as tech is concerned, I would have to suggest those Make Magazine videos with Bre Pettis or Collin Cunningham on Youtube...



    Plus, here's a fun one...The Nintentoaster...


    These guys are my heroes.
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