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Best science magazine?

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    Hello friends. I am a senior in college, majoring in physics, and want to know what the best science magazine for me to subscribe to would be. I would like a magazine that isn't impossible for me to read, but that isn't "watered down" either. Any suggestions? TY.
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    Hmm....seems pretty prestigious. What about Science? Is that one any good?
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    Nature and Science are generally considered to be of the same caliber, just one's American and the other European...
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    Yes! I had heard about this one. According to wikipedia, it's pretty prestigious, and features only original articles. TY for confirming its quality.
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    Get an APS student membership if you are in the US. You will get Physics Today free with it. And if you are serious about Physics, you will need the membership in any case.
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    Yes, but does Physics Today include information from other scientific disciplines? Clearly the focus is on physics, but I would like to know if you might find a few articles on say....molecular biology in there.
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    I like Scientific American too.
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