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Best science-related magazines?

  1. Aug 7, 2003 #1
    I'm thinking about ordering New Scientist, is it any good?

    Are there any you consider to be better?
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    Don't know about that one,but I had a subscription to Science (The Journal} from the AAAS, and I liked that one, alot!

    Lots to read, comes out 52 times a year, diversity in scientific knowledge, (very multi-disciplinary, IMO) nice production, nice product.
  4. Aug 9, 2003 #3
    I'm only fifteen, so my opinion will probably vary from the University students or adults.

    I enjoy PCWorld for Computers and Technology. It is easily the best computer periodical and nothing even comes close.

    For general science, I enjoy Popular Science. It is an interesting read. Sky & Telescope is pretty good for Astronomy.

    Otherwise I just find news on the internet.
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    I have always enjoyed Popular Mechanics, Discovery and Scientific American.
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    I miss Omni, dammit!!
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    Liked 'Scientific Amercican' as well, the televison program too.

    Was also a member of a Book Club called "The Library of Science", ("Snailmailed", then) good offers on really well written, challenging, scientific books. Wide variety, some clearance sales that got me things that were really esoteric in nature, even though it was a book on the fundamentals of neutrons.
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    I also am very fond of Sci Am. Have had subscription for years, and still maintain. Popular science is good too, but a little "Dick and Jane" for my tastes.
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    I currently subscribe to Astronomy and Discover magazine. However, I am rather ambivalent about renewing my subscription to Discover; because my mother won't allow me to subscribe to too many magazines. So if I subscribe to Scientific American, then I'll have to cancel my subscription to either Discover or Astronomy magazine. What would you recommend? I'm a fan of nearly all of the sciences, although I am only 14 years old. I enjoy reading both Discover and the Scientific American magazines I check out from the library, even if I don't understand all ofthe content. Also, if I don't have enough time for telescope observing, should I just cancel my subscription to Astronomy? Advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    my favorites...

    Scientific American
    Sky & Telescope
    National Geographic (although it's not science-only)
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