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Best science

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    i was just wondering which science is the best (the one that has played most important role in the devolpment of mankind)
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    It made Rome great.
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    If you want more than 100 people to live in the same place without dying of nasty lurgy diseases you need plumbing.
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    Why did Rommel lose to the desert rats? Dysentery. They would just go out and poo in the desert and flies would then land on the poo, and onto your food.

    Also I am a plumber in the summer and nothing smells better than purple primer.
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    No plumbing, no civilization.
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    Fluid dynamics and plastics, to be precise.

    Chemistry contributed a ton to human life. You like your alloys? Your computers? Your clothes?
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    Well, my jeans are getting tight in the waist. So, I'm going to blame that on chemistry.
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    They're all just applied versions of the same thing.
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    All plumbing.
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    IMO: Health care, be it regarding plumbing, nutrition, disease control, etc...

    Oh yeah, let's throw in fire making/sustainability and tool making as likely number 1 and 2 factors(or vice-versa)
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    may be i m being biest but i think physics is the best!!!!!!

    i mean without electronix there wuold have been no computers
    just imagine:confused:
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    I don't need imagination for that, memory is enough.

    However, I don't remember pre-plumbing times. That says something.
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    A science by no means as perfected as those - materials science. Most inventions you can think of were fairly obvious - the jet engine, TV, the plough, computers.... The materials are the key to having them work well enough to work at all practically, and then for having the work as well as they do now. All of the above would have come in earlier than they did if the materials with the right qualities had been available.
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    i have found many of my friends saying that physics is quite boring compared to the other sciences and i have heard it from a lot of people why is it so????
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    I blame inclined planes.
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    You know, it's just like anything else.
    Some people think NASCAR is boring. Other's basketball or baseball.
    Then other's find NASCAR, basketball and baseball to be very exciting.

    Such it is with sports, the same with the sciences.
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    I never did quite hit it off with static equilibrium...

    I think that if we showed the people the really interesting stuff, they'd be more willing to slog through the boring stuff first.
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    "(the one that has played most important role in the devolpment of mankind)"

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