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Other Best search engines?

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    What are the best search engines of academic papers in your opinion?

    as of right now i'm only searching on arXiv :(
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    Have you heard of Google Scholar?

    ArXiv is not a search engine. It is a repository.

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    I meant that when a need to search for a paper in a specific subject i search there :D

    how good is google scholar? Any other better for physics?

    thnks for your answer :)
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    Google Scholar will find anything at arXiv and often lots of papers that are not at arXiv. Like any search engine, how well it works depends on the search terms you use, and one needs to develop skill selecting and refining the search terms used in a given field and literature search.

    Google Scholar is the first search engine I turn to for scholarly searches, and it is sufficient to get started most of the time, but there are occasions where I use the search features of specific repositories like DTIC or arXiv or even specific publishing organizations.

    But skillful literature reviews often go beyond these kinds of searches. Most important papers I find are found by following the "paper trails" of other papers. Which papers are cited by important papers I've already found? Which papers later cite the important papers I've already found? What else on the subject has been written by authors who seem to be important and knowledgable on the subject? Once I've published in a field, I also track who is citing MY papers. If someone thinks my paper is important enough to cite, odds are good they're bringing valuable new information both in their study itself and in the other papers they've cited and written.
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